Asbestos Removal Services

Melbourne Bin Hire & Demolition are fully trained in the safe and effective removal of asbestos, making us the perfect choice if you suspect a building contains this harmful material. While asbestos can remain undisturbed for years without posing any risk, it becomes very dangerous if it’s damaged, and, as a result, its removal should be undertaken strictly by professionals only. We offer affordable asbestos removal services to businesses and homes, ensuring disposal is handled responsibly with the utmost importance placed on the health and safety of workers and inhabitants.

The Danger of Asbestos

For many years, asbestos was thought of as a wonder material. Resistant to heat, fire, and many chemicals, it was an affordable and strong building material that acted as an effective insulator. Unfortunately, it later became apparent that prolonged exposure to the material was harmful to the health of those who came into contact with it. Discovery of the devastating effects on the pulmonary system of the tiny asbestos fibres – including asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer – meant asbestos was gradually phased out as a building material in Australia.

Though it was banned from use in 2003, many buildings still contain this harmful material due to its long history of use in Australia. Panels made of this material still feature in many of our nation’s buildings, and are only discovered when they’re stumbled upon during renovations and demolitions. Undisturbed, they pose little risk to inhabitants, but when the panels are broken, the fibres can escape and be inhaled, causing negative health effects. This is why it’s essential to employ professional asbestos removal services to handle its disposal safely.

Safe and Cost-Effective Removal

The cost of asbestos removal is minimal compared to the damage it could do to your building’s inhabitants. Melbourne Bin Hire & Demolition offer affordable asbestos disposal and removal that will eliminate the risk of severe health problems and keep residents and workers safe. Our team has obtained the relevant training in all areas of asbestos removal, allowing us to effectively identify the material and ensure it is disposed of in a safe and responsible manner.

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To obtain more information regarding our services or to enquire about the cost of asbestos removal, call us today on 03 9357 3344. Our friendly team will provide you with an accurate quote and offer helpful and relevant advice.

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